Sado-Ladies – Lesson 2

Sado-Ladies - Lesson 2

The young but cruel business lady Cloe has bought a new slave. As always, she bought an old 1ne because she loves to dominate old slaves. Usually they don’t need a lot of training, they are easy 2 handle and obey every order. But this one seems to be different. He starts to discuss too many times, so Cloe decided that he has to spent the night in a small cage.

It’s the next morning and Cloe is ready to meet her friends, but before she leaves the mansion, she will give this old guy the next lesson. A good whipping with her favourite whip: An old slavedriver whip, as they were used on the plantation. Again, the old man tries 2 discuss but Cloe is not here 4 discussion. She starts 2 beat him with the whip with full power. Today, she will make clear that he better obey, otherwise he will feel the whip.

It only takes a minute & what started as a discussion turns into begging 4 mercy. But mercy is something that the mean lady doesn’t know. Once she has started a whipping, she doesn’t stop until she had enough fun with her victim. The more he begs & the more he jumps in pain, the harder she whips the old man. Just 4 fun…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Young Mistress, Femdom, Sado-Ladies, High Heels, Whipping, Whipped, Gloves, Cloe, Mistress Cloe, Caning, Corporal Punishment, Bitchy, Jeans, Business Lady, Make Up

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