Sado-Ladies – The Loser Will Be Sold

#1 CLIP in category WHIPPING!

Lady Pascal has desiced to sell 1ne of her older slaves to have a place for a younger one. As a sadistic woman who loves 2 whip, she wants to sell the weakest slave, of course. That is why she tell these two slaves that they r going to be whipped now & the loser of this cruel competition will be sold.

Lady Pascal looks so stunning, dressed completely in black leather. Her short leather skirt covers just enough of her crotch, her leather skirt shows off her stunning shape & her crotch high leather boots are simply amazing. “I will start with u!”, she says and points to the slave at her left side. After he is chained the mean lady chooses one of her painful single tail whips and the contest start.

But to call that a content is not enough. It’s a very hard whipping. The slave screams a lot & jumps and tries to hide his back from that cruel whip. But Pascal hast just began & his screaming just makes her angry. That ends up in harder and harder lashes… maybe, she has already made her decission and will sell this wimp.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Boots, Sado-Ladies, Bondage Male, Bondage, Whipping, Whipped, BDSM, Leather, Boot Fetish, Corporal Punishment

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