Sarah Ballerina Busts Balls

Sarah Ballerina Busts Balls

Sarah Jackson is wearing a tight black leotard n tan pantyhose. She drags the slave into the room by his dick n gets busy with some light kicks n knees to start him out. They get harder as she goes. She wants 2 kick him a lot before he totally collapses so she can prolong the teasing n agony. She’s as giggly as a cheerleader, and just loves watching him bounce n moan

She circles around him and let’s him know that his balls are done today. “If I don’t finish them, my friends are going to…… :)” “Awe, does that hurt” she says while she rubs her amazing tits in his face, then immediately starts kicking him again

“Your balls are soooooo done……” “We are finally gonna cut your balls off today, u don’t have 2 wait anymore….” She gets him on the floor n teases him with a smiley voice, and then lines him up 4 some direct kicks

After a lot of ball kicking she wants to get his dick 2, so she stands right on his dick with her pantyhose covered feet while he moans and she laughs

She finishes him with some brutal direct kicks while he’s on the ground “Awe does that hurt :) ?” Then she leans over him with her tits over his face and says, “We are not done yet….. we are fucking u up tonight…… ” and walks away with him on the ground in agony thinking about being Nutted.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Black Leotard, Pantyhose

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