Sarah Diavola – Dirty Robber

Sarah Diavola - Dirty Robber

I can’t believe you thought you could come to my house n burglarize me without consequences! I live in a nice area, and I don’t want my neighbors to worry, so you’d better be quiet – while you get on your knees as my slave. I mean, u are not even a good robber, so you might as well be of some use. Lick my filthy soles CLEAN, bitch, or I will call the cops. I can put on an act so good n fake cry so realistically, they’ll throw you right in jail! Get to licking, bitch! These soles are nasty, disgusting, and almost black from dirt, and u are going to use your asshole tongue to make them shiny n white again. I am going to humiliate you quietly the entire time, putting fear into your empty brain. Who needs to be armed, when you have a collar, leash, and dominant attitude? No one tries to rob me and gets away with it! Tell you what – if you do a good job, maybe I’ll put you to work for me and not call the police. Then again…. maybe, even if you do a good job, I’ll have you arrested anyway.

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