Savannah Fox’s Fetish Fantasies – Queen Quake VS Super Man

Savannah Fox's Fetish Fantasies - Queen Quake VS Super Man

Queen Quake has been paid by Lex Luthor to end the man of steel. Shes laid a trap for Superman, but he underestimates the queen and is taken by surprise when she delivers some crushing punches. But that’s not all the quake has, When this queen drops her big booty it lets of a massive seismic quake right in Superman’s face! Seeing the hero weakened she pounces. She shoves his face deep within her ass cheeks. All u can hear is the muffled superheros cries as he tries to escape from her huge ass. He can barely breathe as her ass is so enormous, its in danger of suffocating him. She lets him free laughing in his face. Superman blindly reaches up trying to regain his composure and pulls off the Queens bra. Well she’s more then happy to smother the superhero that way as well. She strips the superhero naked, when he tries to resist she puts him in a vicious head scissor. He begs for his life but Queen pays no mind n explains that shes annihilated hundreds of men with her ass. The only way she might let him go if she gets to humiliate the mighty superman. She orders him to worship her ass. He kisses and licks her asshole trying to please her. Shes not impressed though and decides to sit on his face. She makes him a deal, if he can get her off before she smothers him out, she`ll let him go. She rides his face bouncing her big booty. She moans in delight, as he struggles underneath her… until he struggles no more. I guess he lost that bet, but Queen doesn’t want the fun to stop just yet. She turns around n grinds her pussy into orgasm. Thats when she notices superman’s super cock. She cant help herself and starts to play with it. Wouldn’t that be fun getting Supermans last nut. She takes him in her mouth to see if she can coax the super sperm out from his limp body.

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