Scissor Challenge – Jasmine Mendez

Scissor Challenge - Jasmine Mendez

Fitness boy has been talking shit, Spreading rumors that Jasmines all show and no Muscle. Jasmine takes this personal and accepts this fun boyish challenge. She Scissor crushes him out of breath several times, mocking him the whole time. She even goes as far as catching it on Snapchat n sharing his defeat on social media for everyone to hear his cries. Boy KO once or twice and is too confused to reply back a lot of the time. My Scissors are strong, They are NO Joke. Book a session at your own risk.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Jasmine Mendez, Scissor, Strong Legs, Mixed Wrestling, Scissorhold, Amazons, Strong Woman, Bratty Girl, Weak Man, Ass Smother, Scissoring, Ass Smothering, Humiliation, Scissored, Suffocation, Struggling, Muscular Women

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8 min

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