ScissorVixens – Anastasia Rose – Bedtime BATTLE!

ScissorVixens - Anastasia Rose - Bedtime BATTLE!

“After I am done scissoring the life out of him and putting him to sleep I will be getting my beauty sleep in the big bed!”

Adorably cute Anastasia Rose is no stranger to physical domination having earned a 2nd degree blackbelt in karate at the young age of only 19!

She also played water polo in high school and participated in ballet.

Karate, water polo, ballet and now SCISSORS…it all fits together quite well!

Needless to say Anastasia certainly has the athletic background to destroy any man between her strong thighs and that she does in her debut ScissorVixen video!

Her roommate thinks Anastasia is going to sleep on the small, crappy bed he’s made up for her in his office area but Anastasia Rose needs her beauty sleep. So she makes it clear to him that she’s taking the large queen size bed in his bedroom and he can sleep on the little bed.

But when he laughs at her for making such a silly suggestion Anastasia decides it time for him to take an early nap!

She waste no time wrestling him down to the floor, hopping up behind him and latching on a BRUTAL neck scissor nearly knocking him out within the 1st few seconds!

Anastasia works him over, and over n over in one vicious scissor hold after the other taking time at one point to admire the look and feel of her powerful thighs while squeezing him senseless!

In the end she tells him it’s time to say goodnight and that he does after she crushes him with a murderous throat scissors!

So check out GORGEOUS Anastasia Rose in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Bedtime BATTLE!’.

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