ScissorVixens – Miss Jasmine – SVDL-687 Scissors Waiting!

ScissorVixens - Miss Jasmine - SVDL-687 Scissors Waiting!

After a rough night of drinking in the hotel bar Drew wakes up the next day and is reminded by the blinking call-waiting light on his room’s phone that he must have done something he shouldn’t have. Then he hears a knock on his door and quickly realizes it must be that woman he had a few drinks with and scrambles to figure out what to do next. He realizes there’s only one thing to do and after answering the door a gorgeous dark-haired oriental woman (Miss Jasmine), wrapped in a white towel, walks in to remind him that he was supposed to meet her down by the pool 30-minutes ago! She tells him she’s been calling n leaving messages on his phone but when he says he didn’t get any of her calls…she points to the blinking call-waiting light on his phone and calls him a liar!

She then removes her white towel to reveal a leopard print bikini underneath and backs him up onto his bed where she quickly pounces on him stretching his arms n legs beyond the breaking point in an excruciating grapevine! She tells him he’s not getting off that easy and when he tells her he’s married…that only serves to anger her all the more! Next comes murderous scissor holds of every kind as she pulls his head up as high and tight as possible while clamping her muscular thighs around his neck nearly knocking him out cold on several occasions!

In the end she decides to give him one last squeeeeeze to knock him out so that she can take a picture n send it to his wife!

Miss Jasmine is without a doubt one of the most sadistic and insanely sexy ScissorVixens we have worked with to date and watching her look into the camera with a sexy smirk of satisfaction knowing she’s totally destroying her victim with her powerful thighs is simply priceless!

So check out Miss Jasmine in ‘Scissors Waiting!’.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Asian, Miss Jasmine, Jasmine, ScissorVixens, Scissor, Scissorhold

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