Scissorvixens – Mistress Kayla – Rednecking the Redneck!

Scissorvixens - Mistress Kayla - Rednecking the Redneck!

Mistress Kayla demonstrates her REAL KNOCKOUT POWER twice in this video!

It’s been nearly two years since we 1st shot with the former state champion powerlifter from Texas, Mistress Kayla, where we met her at DomCon in Atlanta back in 2013.

Back then she caught our attention when we were completely glued to her huge, bulging thighs strutting around in a mini-skirt n high heels. And it wasn’t long before Mistress Kayla’s THIGHS were glued to our heads!

Now she’s back and this time she’s decided to pay a visit to our studios in Florida.

She said it’s been too long since the last time she got to show off her world-class CRUSHERS on and we agreed. Easy for us to say when we knew it wasn’t going to be one of us getting CRUSHED!

So we called up one of our newest victims for more punishment but didn’t dare show him a picture of Mistress Kayla before he actually showed up for fear that he wouldn’t show up!

Needless to say he had that…”Oh god…I am SCREWED!” look on his face when he finally met her face to face!

And SCREWED he was!

In this video he plays a country-boy redneck who’s only concern in life is where his next Budweiser beer is coming from and where to toss the empties when he’s done.

Unfortunately for him his decision making skills aren’t too good and he decides to toss his empty beer cans in his neighbor’s pool!

Not wise when your neighbor is Mistress Kayla!

Watch what happens when he tells Mistress Kayla…”Well…you are in redneck country now so deal with it!”.

That’s when Mistress Kayla responds…”You know…back in Texas we used to play this game called rednecking the redneck…wanna see how it’s done!?”.

And before he has a chance to respond Mistress Kayla wraps her incredibly powerful thighs around his neck are really puts the RED in redneck!

Many BRUTAL scissors in this video with several moments of pure PANIC including two REAL KNOCKOUTS!

In fact…one knockout leaves our victim appearing lifeless with his glassy eyes wide opened looking like he’s gone off to La-La-Land for good!

So check out Mistress Kayla and her KNOCKOUT ScissorVixen performance in ‘Rednecking the Redneck!’.

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