ScissorVixens – Ms. Diesel – Ms. Diesel’s SAVAGE Scissors!

ScissorVixens - Ms. Diesel - Ms. Diesel's SAVAGE Scissors!

After watching Ms. Diesel totally DESTROY her first victim it was my (Drew) turn! The plan was to actually split time with the other victim as we often do for a savage scissor video. But when he said…”No way…I am done!” I knew I was on my own and this was going to be painful! The image of Ms. Diesel stepping out of her car in the parking lot wearing a tight mini-skirt with high heels showcasing her bulging calves and powerhouse quads was now going to be permanently pressed into my head…literally!

Folks…we have done quite a few savage scissor videos and all of them have certainly met the criteria of ‘savage scissors’ but every once in a while we meet a new ScissorVixen that takes it to the extreme and such is the case with Ms. Diesel! The very moment she strapped her legs around my skull I knew I was a dead man! I mean…her legs are as solid and hard as any girl we have worked with and she could make u tap out even before crossing her ankles n squeezing! Of course once she does lock you up and begins to SQUEEEEEZE and CRUSH…it’s all over!

So check out Ms. Diesel earning her rightful place in our very popular savage scissors series….’Ms. Diesel’s SAVAGE Scissors!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ScissorVixen, Scissor, Scissorhold

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