Scissorvixens – ShadowFax – No Escape From My THIGHS!

Scissorvixens - ShadowFax - No Escape From My THIGHS!

At 5’10” tall and 195 pounds of SKULL CRUSHING MUSCLE escape from my THIGHS is impossible!

They don’t get any BIGGER or as POWERFUL as 5’10” tall and 195 pounds of BONE-CRUSHING MUSCLE like blonde Amazon ScissorVixen, ShadowFax!

When we saw her listed as offering sessions out of Tampa we immediately contacted her to see if she would be interested in displaying her incredibly powerful physique n HUGE THIGHS on ScissorVixens. And she immediately answered back…”Hell Yeah!”.

ShadowFax has the kind of athletic background any scissor-fan would appreciate!

She spent many years playing soccer, 9.5 years in the Army, ran 5K marathons and has been lifting weights ever since she was a teenager. Add to that her love for riding horses (I am sure those horses obey when she straps her thighs around their backs!) and currently competing in bodybuilding and you`ve one insanely powerful ScissorVixen!

So at 5’10” tall and 195 pounds we decided to toss in one of our smaller victims standing at 5′ tall and 110 pounds. Needless to say…he didn’t stand a chance!

Which is why he’s crazy for trying escape from the room she put him in, keeping him around for her own dominating pleasures.

Watch as he opens the door and sees the tall muscle Amazon waiting for him standing in the doorway. Needless to say escape is now impossible as she tosses him over her shoulders n throws him on the bed!

Then it’s time to teach the little man a lesson he won’t soon forget…if he survives!

ShadowFax’s victim has been in many ScissorVixen videos but the fear on his face and screams of total agony in this video is like none other!

And talk about BRUTAL reverse head scissors! ShadowFax’s ENORMOUS THIGHS simply swallow his head whole!

And if that wasn’t painful enough watch as she arches way up the in air, lifting his body off of the bed as if trying to tear his head off from the rest of his body!

There’s also some truly frightening rib-crushing body scissors (she made another one of our victims tap out several times in her body scissors which he said no other ScissorVixen has been able to do!) and jaw-busting snapping head scissors from behind that cause him to scream in total agony!

Simply put…ShadowFax is one of the BIGGEST and STRONGEST ScissorVixens EVER and her debut video titled ‘No Escape From My THIGHS’ proves it!

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