ScissorVixens – “SVDL-1114 Beg For Your Life!” (feat. Goddess Amadahy) (HD) (F/M)

ScissorVixens - "SVDL-1114 Beg For Your Life!" (feat. Goddess Amadahy) (HD) (F/M)

The always SEXY and SADISTIC Young Mistress Amadahy returns to ScissorVixens to teach her slave that spending time between her long, powerful thighs is worse than death itself!

She has her slave strapped to an electric chair in her dungeon but instead of pulling the switch and wasting precious electricity to do him in, she did rather have more fun by doing him in one torturous scissor hold after the other!

She unties the straps that have him trapped to the seat and dares him to try and escape but as soon as he tries to make a move she sends her knee right into his chest!

Now that he’s out of breath, she quickly pushes his head down and clamps on a BRUTAL standing head scissors telling him that he’s going to die between her thighs!

After nearly ripping his head off between her fishnet-clad thighs she stands him up and gives him a vicious kick sending him crashing to the floor!

From there Amadahy continues her leg-torture, making him gasp for air and wondering if this is finally the end for him.

But not yet because Amadahy has much more ‘fun’ in store including some of her favorites like eye-popping reverse head scissors, front head scissors that leave him semi-conscious on several occasions and breath-taking body scissors that threaten to cut him in half!

At one point she even starts to count the percentage of scissor pressure she slowly applies, only getting to 40% before he frantically taps out!

Then watch as she pins him down, school-girl style, by straddling his neck between her wide open thighs with all of her weight cutting off his oxygen as she tells him…”Oh, I love the vibration from your throat on my pussy from your struggles to breath!”.

Then she starts to gyrate back and forth, putting even more pressure on his neck!

It’s not long before DEATH is a welcome alternative to the brutal scissor-torture he’s made to endure n instead of begging for his life, he begs for his death!

Of course that was Dommes Amadahy’s plan all-along as she tells him…”Your wish is my command!”.

Watch as she brutally chokes off the last bit of air he has left in a side neck scissors, flexing her muscles while she admires another job well done!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Amadahy, Fishnets, Boots, White Boots, Young Mistress, ScissorVixens, Scissor, Scissorhold, Redhead

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24 min


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