Scissorvixens – SVDL-1137 ‘CRUSHING the Deadbeat Agent!’

Scissorvixens - SVDL-1137 'CRUSHING the Deadbeat Agent!'

GORGEOUS Sunshine decides to bring some Florida heat to Sin City in her latest ScissorVixen video to teach a deadbeat agent a painful lesson for screwing her over!

After planning a trip to Vegas for over two months and being promised plenty of work she’s not too happy when he’s not even there to pick her up at the airport.

So Sunshine is forced to pay for her own ride and she takes it straight to his house only to find the lazy agent still in bed!

“So, u just lay in bed all day now…that’s what this is!?”, Sunshine asks as he tells her…”Yeah, I figured you’d get here eventually…take a cab or something.”.

Apparently this foolish agent doesn’t know the kind of model he’s messing with as Sunshine loves nothing more than to have an excuse to administer one of her BRUTAL SCISSOR BEATINGS…and that’s exactly what he’s about to get!

Sunshine seems to get stronger n stronger every time we shoot with her and this poor guy is about to find out just how agonizing being CRUSHED between Sunshine’s petite but athletic thighs is!

Watch as Sunshine absolutely DESTROYS the helpless agent in one murderous scissors after the other calmly telling him…”You played with the wrong person my dear…yes u did.” while nearly popping his head off in a front headscissors!

Sunshine has one of the best asses in the business and it’s her reverse headscissors that has him seeing stars in seconds and forcing him to tap-out over n over again!

On and on the painful lesson goes until she finally decides it’s time for ‘agent deadbeat’ to take a nap between her thighs!

So for any agents out there who promise Sunshine things you can’t deliver on, you better believe she will deliver her thighs around your neck and squeeeeeze u so tight you will never mess with her again!

Check out the always amazing Sunshine in ‘CRUSHING the Deadbeat Agent!’.

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