ScissorVixens – SVDL 1259 – Maria Jade’s Scissor Screening! – Scissor

ScissorVixens - SVDL 1259 - Maria Jade's Scissor Screening! - Scissor

Needless to say we get a lot of e-mail from guys wanting to be victims for ScissorVixens!

One look at the girls on our site and who can blame a man for wanting to voluntarily stick his neck between the powerful thighs of one of these athletic beauties!?

BUT…we also know that the vast majority of these guys, unless they’ve experienced scissors through sessions or video work, have NO IDEA what they are getting into!

However, our latest victim, who we met a few months ago, seemed to have the kind of background and experience in the world of femdom to give him a shot.

And who better to help us with the ‘Scissor Screening’ process than that 5’2″ tall ball of sassy energy, gifted with a ridiculously powerful squeeze…Maria Jade!?

The challenge is ‘simple’…last 20 minutes between Maria Jade’s thighs and you’re in. If not…you’re out!

We open up the video asking our victim about his experience with femdom which includes getting kicked in the balls, whipped, slapped, punched and spat upon by cruel-hearted women.

So if he can take that kind of abuse…certainly little Maria Jade shouldn’t be able to BREAK HIM…right?


While he’s verbally listing all the abuse he’s been through shooting for a major femdom site, Maria just sits there quietly taking it in with a smirk on her face knowing the torturous abuse he’s about to find himself in with her!

Once he’s finished talking, Maria flexes her hard-as-rock chiseled calf muscle and says…”I don’t think he can handle it…do you know who I am!? Look at my calves!”.

And with that Maria Jade’s Scissor Screening session begins!

But instead of opening up with a scissors hold, Maria decides to loosen his neck up with a vicious rear naked choke that has him wondering…”My God…what have I gotten myself into!?”.

He doesn’t last long and is forced to tap-out?than its SCISSOR TIME!

Maria is a scissoring machine and each scissor hold is applied expertly pulling him in as high and tight as possible!

She starts out slowly in order to gauge his limits, pulsating her inner thighs around his neck in a front head scissors and it’s immediately apparent…this poor guy seems to be seeing stars already!

Then she asks him…”Have you ever been cranked before!?”.

No response.

“I said…have you ever been CRANKED BEFORE!?”, she repeats.

He then manages a mumbled response…”I don’t know what that means.”.

Then Maria violently snaps her legs out straight, arches her back and nearly pops his head off as he leaves out a yelp!

Then it’s onto more of Maria Jade’s leggy torture as she mounts his neck in a reverse head scissor while adding to his humiliation with push-ups before flipping him to his side while maintaining her grip!

One of the things we’ve noticed about Maria is how she loves to ‘re-grip’ her thighs around her victim’s neck to be certain it’s as tight as possible before pouring on the eye-bulging pressure and she does this several times throughout this video!

And there are several times, after releasing him from her thighs, that Maria isn’t sure if he’s ‘all there’ and slaps him in the face to wake him up from his scissor slumber.

After about 15 minutes of Maria Jade’s scissor screening, she pulls his head off of the edge of the bed in a standing front scissors and finishing him with a standing reverse from which he can take no more!

She calls him a little ‘sissy bitch’ for not lasting the full 20-minutes but isn’t about to stop scissoring…her thighs are ready for more and now it’s Drew’s turn to finish the final 5 minutes!

In the end our newbie wanna-be ScissorVixen victim complains of a sore neck and a headache to which Drew recommends a bottle of vodka and even offers the newbie a 2nd chance if he wants it.

But if that 2nd chance is with Maria Jade…we doubt he’ll take Drew up on his offer!

Maria Jade, once again as sexy and sadistic as ever, fucking up the boys between her powerful gymnast and dancer thighs in ‘Maria Jade’s Scissor Screening!’.

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