Scissorvixens – Veronica Vise – SCISSOR Curls!

Scissorvixens - Veronica Vise - SCISSOR Curls!

“This weakling was struggling to do a few lightweight leg curls until I walked in and had to show him how it’s done…on the mats!”

Another ScissorVixen update n another SUPER HOT new ScissorVixen!

We 1st met Veronica Vise when she stopped by our studios to introduce herself prior to our first shoot.

Veronica was wearing very tight jeans and one look at her legs and ass as she walked by told us this girl was packing some serious THIGH POWER!

At 5’6″ tall she is a very solid 140 pounds of muscle and fitness n most of that is in her lower half.

Of course being a trained dancer most of her life, including working as a dance instructor, has certainly forged a pair of shapely and powerful thighs and rock-solid ass!

So when we showed her a sample scissor clip she just smiled and said…”Oh yeah…I can do that all day long!”.

And with that Drew couldn’t help but test out her squeeze right then and there! And yes folks…it was BRUTAL!

And no doubt the ‘poor’ guy in this video would agree!

He’s supposed to be out fixing things in the club where Veronica Vise dances. But instead he’s decided to sneak into the dancer’s workout room where they go to pump-up before their next stage performance.

The weakling of a man is struggling to leg curl with only a 10 lb. weight on the bar when Veronica walks in n scolds him for being in the dancer’s pump-up room.

She slaps on a big 45 lb. weight, hammers out a few quick reps and then offers to show him more of her ‘leg curls’ on the mat.

“Well…I did wrestle in grade school a few years!”, he warns her.

Too bad for him this isn’t the grade school playground n Veronica Vise is certainly not a little girl anymore!

Poor club handyman is about to find out why Veronica chose Vise as her last name!

So check out GORGEOUS Veronica Vise putting the CLAMPS on her victim in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘SCISSOR Curls!’.

Note: **BONUS overhead video content shot from a video camera mounted on the ceiling is included at the end of this video!**

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ScissorVixen, Scissorhold, Scissor, Veronica Vise

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