Seduced n Trapped 4 Teasing

Seduced n Trapped 4 Teasing

Lance is in the hospital, waiting on the doctor when sexy Macy Cartel bounds into the room wearing high heels, a sexy see through teddy and patterned fishnets… She likes to cause trouble everywhere.

Macy takes notice to Lance’s attention to her perfect ass and how it looks in the thong leotard n fishnets, so see decides to give him a little sensory overload. She commands him in a flirty way 2 get on the table and she smothers his face with her ass. Making him kiss it, smell it and just go crazy worshipping it.

Then she flips him over on his back and sits right on his face. “Awe, can u breathe? I really don’t care… [giggle]” Lance doesn’t seem to either…

Macy continues to smother Lance’s face with her perfect ass, giggling while he goes crazy in a like spell under her. After much ass worship and , she sits him up n jerks him off. She tells him she wants him 2 cum all over her thigh.

Lance has no problem complying, but after he cums, Macy giggles n tells him that she gets to “keep him” now… He doesn’t know exactly what she means, but he will certainly find out soon enough… when he is locked in her dungeon 4 good as a sexy toy…

Now he is bound naked 2 her dungeon wall, possibly forever. She has not let him cum in weeks, but has been teasing him relentlessly, watching his balls fill up with cum and become terribly blue.

She especially loves kicking him in his swollen blue balls, and wastes no time… She struts right over to him in her sexy tight dress n deadly heels n kicks him hard in the nuts, not listening to any of his begging or whimpering…

This clip is short, but the ballbusting is very hard, and Macy does a perfect job of teasing in between kicks, not caring at all how much she hurts her little tease toy. His balls are only for her entertainment.

After a brutal round of ballbusting n teasing, Macy is merciful and tells Lance she is going to give him the “hospital treatment…” She is referring 2 the hand job she gave him in the hospital when she originally seduced him, which is how he ended up as her tease slave…

Lance is very grateful. His balls are sore n blue. What he doesn’t know is that she is going to edge him brutally. She brings him right up 2 the edge of release 3 times before she finally lets him cum. He begs n pleads, but she is going blow his cum all over her sexy thigh on her terms only.

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Bondage, Ballbusting, Facesitting, Handjob

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