Sensual Ballbusting with Star Nine

Sensual Ballbusting with Star Nine

Star leads Lance into the bedroom by his tie, kissing him all the way 2 the bed. Suddenly she knees him in the balls, then grabs them n squeezes. Lance is hurt, but he likes it. She likes hurting him.

Star continues 2 kiss n tease Lance, stripping him out of his shirt, but leaving his tie on 2 use as a collar while she abuses his nuts with squeezes n taps. She gets so worked up, she grabs her vibrator n gets herself off while he worships her pantyhose covered legs n feet (with one of her feet on his nuts the whole time).

After she cums, she walks him across the room n starts 2 tie his wrists 2 a hook.

Lance is hanging from the ceiling by his wrists in his boxer briefs. He is rock hard as Star struts into the room in pantyhose, a corset n heels. She is there 4 his balls…

Star knees Lance, kisses him, teases him with her body, squeezes his balls… She comments on how much he must like it with his boner throbbing in his tight underwear. As she knees his balls his underwear gets wet with pre-cum…

After some sexy hot abuse n teasing, she leaves him. “I am just going 2 let u hang there n drip…”

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