Sexy Lesbians Trick Lance into Ballbusting 4 Fun

Sexy Lesbians Trick Lance into Ballbusting 4 Fun

Lance thinks that he talked Ivy Sinn & Catherine Fox into a 3-some. They are wearing sexy pantyhose outfits, and he’s excited about getting 2 fck two hot lesbian roommates.

They lured him into a crazy room, and when he asks why they are in a padded room, they quickly let him know that they trapped him 4 their amusement, and kick him in the balls. The two hotties laugh n giggle while they make him squirm n moan with knees, kicks, ball slapping n squeezing. They take turns: one holds him up while the other teases him with her sexy body then kicks him in the nuts until he can’t stand anymore.

Once he’s one the ground, they take turns: one sits on his face, smothering him, while the other grabs his balls n slaps them, making him moan into the other’s pussy while they laugh. They remind him they they don’t need men 2 get off, and eventually Ivy wraps her sexy legs around his neck n takes him out between her pantyhose covered thighs.

Keywords: Femdom, Young Mistress, Ballbusting

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