Sexy Ninja Ball Collector Elan Kane Part 1

Sexy Ninja Ball Collector Elan Kane Part 1

Lance Hart is hanging around his apartment when a hot little ninja takes him by surprise. She’s there 4 one thing, his balls…

This is Elan Kane’s 1st ninja mission. She’s young, hot, and eager 2 finish this assignment, and return 2 her clan with Lance’s balls. 1st she needs 2 kick him in the nuts a lot, then take him out with a sexy scissor hold around his neck.

When Lance wakes back up, he’s tied up to a wall in his own apartment & very confused. Elan takes off her mask 2 reveal that she probably the cutest ninja ever. She’s going 2 have 2 get his balls completely full of cum, release it all, then remove them. That’s the ninja way with these things.

Lance begs her 2 stop, but she only gives him a short break 2 leave n change into something more seductive…

To be continued… And Part 3 And FULL

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Pantyhose Bodysuit, Teasing, Scissor, Emasculation Threats

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