Sharron Small Edges n Milks onto Tights

Sharron Small Edges n Milks onto Tights

Sharon has been teasing u 4 a long time. She has u alone now, and she stands in front of u in her tiny skirt, shiny pantyhose n socks, slowly moving her hips…

She is going let u come when she wants u 2, no matter how blue your balls get. She lubes up your rock hard cock, puts her sexy legs over u n slowly and lightly strokes your cock.

Sharon is an expert at teasing hard cocks. She uses both hands, then just a couple fingers, making your cock twitch with anticipation and ooze pre-cum.

She looks u in the eye n smiles. She brings u right 2 the edge of orgasm n keeps u there, stopping 2 grind her perfect ass against your hard dick n blue balls. She stands back up 2 play with her perky little tits and hard nipples, then goes back 2 keep your cock on edge…

When Sharon feels like u`re finally ready 2 cum, she makes u cum all over her thigh, then makes tells u 2 lick up your huge load of cum from her shiny pantyhose.

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