She Has Your Balls on a String

She Has Your Balls on a String

This is the full edition of what I believe to be one of the hottest ballbusting / cbt / tease & denial / Emasculation threatening / pantyhose domination clips I’ve ever shot or seen… This is a long, 32 minute clip of multiple ballbusting, cbt, cuckholding, Emasculation threatening, pantyhose dominating clips, all telling one story…… Super hotty with a tight body, Michelle Peters, is at her cutest and cruelest. She has your balls tied up on a string and isn’t shy about yanking away. She doesn’t care about permanently ripping away your manhood. This will be a long and painful way to Emasculation. It all starts with her calling some friends to come over and “play…” She plans to have a little party, and you are the entertainment. While she’s waiting she teases, kicks, slaps, and yanks on your balls. She takes a break to get herself off with a vibrator. The closer she gets to cumming, the more she yanks on the string. Her body is perfect for a leotard and pantyhose outfit, and her cute smile is just evil while she destroys your balls. About half way through the clip she leaves the slave with his balls tied up to the couch, with tension and the scene cuts to hours later when she returns in a new outfit (changes out of her nude pantyhose and leotard outfit into black pantyhose and a pink bra. Both are really hot. Her ass is amazing for teasing while slapping and squeezing balls and threatening to cut them off….) On her return she torments the slave’s balls more, teasing him relentlessly. EVENTUALLY HE BREAKS AND BEGS HER TO JUST Nut HIM AND END THE torment, BUT SHE SMILES AND DENIES HIM BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO HAVE MORE FUN WITH HIM FIRST and finally jerks him off and feeds him his cum, followed by a really cruel flick to the so sensitive balls and a smile. This clip can also be bought in smaller sections if you search through the store, but I believe it is best watched all at once. Excellent Kicks, Stomps, Pulls, Squeezes, Slaps, Flicks….

Keywords: Femdom POV, Ballbusting, CBT, Tease And Denial, Emasculation Threatening, Pantyhose

1144 mb
31 min

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