Shoe Shining Cucks

Shoe Shining Cucks

I love HUMILIATING my slaves n reminding them of their place in this life. While I`m out dating REAL men, these losers grovel at my FEET n do whatever I say- no matter how degrading.

I just came home from a lunch date with another hot guy and these two LOSERS are by the front door right where I left them- on their hands and knees with their pathetic, ugly faces buried in my shoes. LOL And I TOLD them that I was leaving 4 a date with a hot guy like HOURS ago- n they STILL obeyed me all that time. SO pathetic…

But I decide that’s not enough. I`m only home 2 change shoes before my next date- n I decide 2 make these losers BEG 2 lick the DIRT off the soles of my shoes and SHINE the new shoes with their TONGUES before I go out on my next date! And I make sure to rub their faces in it too while they are doing it LOL. It doesn’t matter…they will do ANYTHING I say no matter how badly I treat them or how much I drive it into their little brains that they will never have me and they are LUCKY I even use them to lick the dirt off the bottom of my shoes!…haha.

-Empress Jennifer

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