Shrink All Males

Shrink All Males

The year is 2050 n Women have ruled the planet 4 nearly a decade. Males are deemed inferior n only 2 be used as slaves. They have been deemed as a completely inferior sub-species compared 2 women and are now looked down upon with complete disdain by women. And how did we take over u ask? Well, with an increase in technology, and due 2 women being in charge, we now have shrink rays. Males are now used 2 provide a full-sized load for breeding purposes – just ONCE – and then shrunk down to sizes anywhere from One 2 Six inches tall for the entertainment n use of the full-size women that have shrunk them 2 their helpless height! Soon after the invention of the shrink rays, we superior women decided 2 use their male slaves as entertainment, jewelry n even soft, squishy insoles 4 their shoes. (Shrunken slaves can actually NOT be crushed under bare feet! Although it is so EXTREMELY painful 4 them that they WISH they could just dye LOL! It actually takes a direct, twisting, crushing pointy stiletto under a womans full weight 2 actually k1l one! They also need VERY little oxygen n can go almost a full day inside of a hot, suff0cating shoe – enduring the searing pain in their lungs as if they WERE suff0cating 2, but yet they cannot dye from it unless purposely subjected 2 it 4 DAYSPure genius in engineering, really!)

Whilst Princess Cindi and I decide YOUR fate as an insole pad, lets see if u can hold out. We doubt it. In fact, we KNOW u will fail and explode a load 4 us – and then we think it would be funny 2 listen to your screams as we shrink u n then try to crush u under our shoes n feet, haha! and then… if u live, u can follow us around everywhere by hitching a ride on our heels. Yup, u`ll be grabbing our high heels with both arms like a tree hugger n hold on 4 dear life as we walk around, sometimes forgetting u`re even down there! Try not to let go n fall in the gutter where u belong! Or worse – under one of Our stilettos as we take our next step! After all we would looove 2 have the pleasure of ending your inferior male life ourselves. But we want 2 stretch it out for as long as possible purely 4 OUR entertainment. Because that is what playing with your life IS 2 us – pure entertainment – haha!

Now, lets give u a countdownand then the REAL fun begins!

Mistress Harley

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, Harley, Mistress, Princess Cindi, Young Mistress, Masturbation Instruction, JOI, Foot Fetish, Female Supremacy, Giantess, Amazons

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