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Slave Lawn-Service

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I thought this is something I should capture on video. It’s something I’ve instituted with My slaves – trying to find further uses for their mindless, devoted service to ME – and it is quite hilarious if you ask Me. I make them mow My lawn for Me once a week- WITH THEIR TEETH! LOL!!! And I decided to bring My Blonde Bimbo slut-toy out to show Her how GOOD she has it! Because, as I explain to her in the video, while she is inside eating My Devine pussy, these lowly MALE creatures are outside eating My GRASS! LOL! So we go outside where we watch them crawling around, naked, sweating in the heat on all fours, nibbling on grass like the pathetic, obedient fucks they are. I explain to Bimbo that I am making them spend every Wednesday doing this (ALL day!) so that I could cancel My lawn service and save more money to spend on clothes & shoes for ME! 🙂 It’s a small lawn anyway…and it also saves Me on the dogfood I buy to feed these things! Wednesday is their day to get their “greens”! LOL! Aren’t I a GOOD Owner?? 🙂 Then we decide to have a little more fun with them. I decide that Me and the Bimbo are going to ride the slaves in a little race…you will have to download to see who won! 😉 ***And YES this is REAL and they really ARE eating the grass in My yard for Me!!!*** -GODDESS Randi

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