Slave Traffickers Revenge

princess lisa

Another one new femdom point of view clip with Princess Lisa Jordan.


407 mb
44 min


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6 thoughts on “Slave Traffickers Revenge

  1. Hey, is there any possible way you could upload this video to a website where you don’t need to be a premium member, or email it to me or something? I want this video very badly, and I’ve been trying to get a Keep2share premium account for about a half hour and it just wont let me. I’m not sure why. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

      1. Thanks, I appreciate the response, but it was still up for premium download only. If you could try again it would be much appreciated! Thanks a bunch! This site is wonderful.

      2. Or, perhaps, would you be interested in a trade? I can understand why you wouldn’t want to switch them from premium users to open users, but I have some of her videos that you don’t have uploaded here. I would definitely trade an equal amount of videos to get what you have here, in fact, I would trade more than what you have here, considering that this particular video is forty four minutes long. Would you be interested in this? We could email the files to eachother. Of her videos, I, myself, have countless. I would really like what you have.

  2. And if so, could you do it with the rest of the Lisa ones? I know its a bit to ask, but it would be really awesome.

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