Slave Workout Tool

Slave Workout Tool

Mistress Rodea is talking 2 her personal trainer on the phone asking for some advice to help her with her balance and confidence while posing onstage during her upcoming fitness contest. She jokingly suggests to Rodea that she use some loser’s face to stand on while striking her poses in the mirror- and THAT should build her confidence! Little does she know that Rodea is calling her from Mean Girl Manor and actually has SLAVES at her disposal that she can use for literally ANYTHING she wants!

So she calls for one and it immediately comes crawling to her as fast as it can, BEGGING to be of ANY use to her! She orders it to lay its head down on the floor in front of the mirror “and shut up”.

Then Mistress Rodea proceeds 2 stand FULL WEIGHT on the slaves FACE and HEAD in her shoes, in her socks, n eventually her BARE FEET while striking her victory poses in the mirror 4 her fitness contest! And standing on this loser’s wobbly head seems to be the PERFECT thing for improving her poses! This may be a DAILY “routine” for the slave up until her contest- whether it likes it or not!

Keywords: Trampling

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