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Garry on Mandy Marx - CEI Punishment Clinic - Young Mistress
04 Jun, 2020

Hi Emilek. Fixed now....
emilek on Mandy Marx - CEI Punishment Clinic - Young Mistress
04 Jun, 2020

Hey Garry, can you reupload it? Bec...

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Smack Attack


“Have u ever been smacked so violently that u could literally feel your brain rattling around in your skull? If not, then I think its about time. I good beating to the face is needed every now and again for a slave to be well seasoned. U wouldn’t want to miss out on the variety of punishments that the other slaves have experienced.

I’m sure that the way you see it is clear. If anyone were to slap u senseless across your face then u would prefer it be me over anyone else. Yes, I can see what is in your mind. I know all of your thoughts. I know that at the end of the day u would do absolutely anything for me.

Today u are going to take my fury willingly. U will offer up your face to your Mistress for a proper smack attack. After an experience like this, there won’t be much u won’t be able to handle. See, I can be considerate. I just want u to be an experienced, well-rounded, prepared slave. There is no turning back now. Look at my perfect face while I destroy yours.”

Mistress An Li




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