Smother Extreme Of A Customer Curious

Smother Extreme Of A Customer Curious


Him every week wait patiently my next video of smother because he loves to see my cold eyes while they look the victim of the moment that smothers for the continuous lack of oxygen. This slave through my videos has come to know little by little my cruelty but now he has decided of want me 2 know personally, although this slave loves the practicing of smother he never had the courage to actually try on himself. He is a customer of clips4sale just like u. He has never translated into real action this his imagination. A week ago, he decided to write to me an e-mail and I began to talk to him about his imagination and absence of courage that led him to give up living all this so real. Some details of his situation are very special n after an email exchange that lasted three days I decided to invite him in my dungeon. I love challenges and for this slave is not more the time to be just a spectator of my videos of smother but direct protagonist and for this particular occasion i decided to use a very particular method of suffocation. I will use on him a very special SHEET OF PVC, black glossy and transparent in this way not only i will feel her pain over the continuing lack of air but i can see every little expression of pain on his face, her body that writhe for the continual fear of fainting it is a show that i could not give up. This is my enjoyment, all this for me is pure poetry, a poor slave novice in the hands of a cruel Mistress that slowly plays with his life. I have seen this show many times but every time is like the first time. I perceive this. It is something that only the true connoiseurs can understand. The end of this video, and the shock of this slave will leave you breathless and is not so much to say but curiosity always creates its poor victims. because the beauty of my cold eyes that he often dreamed, watching my videos of smother, they have become for him a real death trap and this was the last thing he saw in his useless life exhaling his last breath hahahahahahahahah!!!

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