Smothered – Goldie Blair – Smother Combo

Smothered - Goldie Blair - Smother Combo

Tristin is a butt-head. So female sadist Goldie (she’s the one with the sexy British accent and curves like Highway one) locks him into the smother chair n uses every part of her body to rob him of all air. This is a good one – the smother sequences get longer n longer, and u can tell from the way this slave gasps and moans that he Goldie’s approach to butt – is truly harsh. She balances her twat atop his noggin, forcing him to take it full weight. I love the way her ass looks, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off the way his nose disappears between her perfectly round cheeks. Is there HOM smothering? Oh, you bet. And then she wraps her heels around her neck, choking him with her high heel shoes as she plants that ass on his face, using her hand to shove his balding head deeper n deeper into the no-air zone. There’s pussy (the pussy is wrapped in a beautiful pair of panties), and even thigh smothering! Of course she uses her bodacious ta-tas to close up her mouth and nose. Even when she lets him escape from the throne, there is no escape from that power-pussy, or from her wriggling arse (that’s how English broads say it), or those bounteous uncovered titties. She drags him to the smother throne (different from the chair), locks his head into place, and finds new ways to inflict near-nekkid twat smotheration. Then she splays him across the floor and subjects him to total nude ass-work, pussy smothering, and more.

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