Smothered Ignored Edged n Denied

Smothered Ignored Edged n Denied

Ar1ana is talking on the phone 2 one of her hot girlfriends while she straddles Lance’s face. She is totally ignoring his muffled moans while she toys with his cock n smothers his face under her sexy ass and panties. She lubes up his cock, but keeps talking to her girlfriend about how they are going clubbing that night 2 be total sluts and get fucked by some huge dicks.

Ar1ana clearing loves riding guys faces. She really knows how 2 move her hips while she strokes his cock. She wants 2 make his cock throbbing hard before she denies his orgasm n gives him blue balls. When she gets him right 2 the edge of cumming she stops, waits a second, then slowly strokes. She wants him fully gooned…

She doesn’t care how bad he wants it, she doesn’t let him cum. She just grinds his face with her ass n pussy. Then she leaves him aching with blue balls, 4 now…

2 be continued…

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