Sorority Ballbusting Booth

Sorority Ballbusting Booth

Our sorority’s ballbusting fundraiser was SUCH a success last time that we`re going 2 be doing it AGAIN! We raised over $10,000 just by sacrificing your nuts- Isn’t that awesome?? Aw, are u not recovered yet? Well too bad! Cuz our sorority just had a meeting and we want MORE money!! Like seriously, we were ALL laughing at u during our meeting about how funny n pathetic it was that u had 2 stand there in our “ballkicking booth” all weekend long during homecoming n let ANY girl kick u as hard as she wanted 4 as little as a dollar! So we bragged 2 all our sisters that we could get even MORE out of u! That we could literally just USE u 4 anything we want- even if it permanently like D1SABLES u or something! It like totally doesn’t matter. Cuz you WILL sacrifice yourself COMPLETELY 4 Us, RIGHT?? And u DO realize We dont care in the SLIGHTEST about u OR your stupid testicles, right?? So even if permanenet damage is done 2 your nuts, u will HAPPILY let it be done to u just so that WE can have a good laugh at your expense n profit from it, RIIIIGHT, SLAVE???

So anyways, we decided 2 up the ante a little bit. Its going to be EXTRA painful – and humiliating! – for u this time. but we OBVIOUSLY don’t care! As long as we`re making $$$ off your suffering- thats all that matters! U are a NERD anyways, so none of our sisters care what happens 2 u anymore than WE do. U shouldn’t be allowed 2 reproduce anyway! (Unless its to produce k1ds that do OUR k1ds homework! LOL!)

So the biggest complaint about our kicking booth last time was that the guys wanted a turn. So we`re going 2 let them this time. NO COMPLAINING! U will let ANYONE kick u in the balls as hard as they want if we tell u 2! And we`re charging ALL guys at LEAST $20 per kick so we should make BANK! (The footballs team said they are taking a collection so they can pay for the teams punter 2 get 10 solid kicks on u! HAHA!)

People also complained about u putting your legs together a little bit once in a while to block their kicks and some of them actually wanted REFUNDS! We can NOT have that! We want people 2 get their moneys worth! So we`re having some other nerds build us a contraption that keeps u basically spread-eagle with your legs niiiice n wide so they are WIDE OPEN 4 people 2 kick your balls as hard as they want! And there is NO way 4 your 2 close them! U will HAVE to take every full-force kick! In fact there is even going to be a “crank” on this thing so that people can just give it a few turns 2 REALLY spread your legs farther apart using a rope-and-pulley system if they want 2 before their kick!

AND we`re going to have some extra “goodies” there 4 people to use on u 4 an extra donation! (baseball bats, yardsticks, tennis rackets, hockey sticks.) Oh, this is gonna be SO much fun!!

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