Spy Interrogation Part 1

Spy Interrogation Part 1

JC Simpson is a super spy, and she has been sent 2 interrogate her ex partner. There has always been a lot of sexual tension between them, but not that he has gone rogue, it is her job 2 find out everything she can from him, and her boss is furious, so he wants his balls.

JC does not really care about getting info from her old partner. She figures that know one will ever know anyway, so she just wants 2 toy with him as much as possible, then Nut him n call it a day.

She teases him while he is bound 2 the wall, begging 4 release in more ways than one. She loves having him like this, helpless. She kicks him in the balls, knees him, squeezes his balls, and keeps him begging until she pulls out some scissors

to be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Emasculation Threats, CBT, Bondage, Fishnets

375 mb
10 min

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