Stand & Smack

Stand and Smack

We take this slave and put its balls into the “ball crusher”. It was a BAD slave and missed its last filming session with Us! So it needs needs to be taught a lesson. We take turns standing on the glass and LAUGHING at how its balls are literally being SQUASHED FLAT underneath our feet. We SERIOUSLY do NOT care as we slowly walk our way up the glass until we`re standing on them FULL-WEIGHT and laugh at the slave’s agony. Then while we`re standing on the glass we add insult to injury by SMACKING it across the face over and over! Then we take TURNS climbing up on the glass n standing on its BALLS while we smack it and remind it that it needs to SHOW up for Our shoots from now on! Its balls are being crushed under our feet so it absolutely CANNOT get away and has to just stand there and take it like a little BITCH. About halfway through the clip we take our shoes off so that the only thing between our gorgeous feet and its pathetic balls is that thin sheet of glass. Poor fool is in ecstasy and agony at the same time as it looks down at its own balls being SQUASHED under our gorgeous feet!

-FEATURING: Mistress Suvana, Princess Cindi, Domina Rodea

Keywords: Princess Cindi, Ballbusting

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