Stiletto Sucker

Stiletto Sucker

Dommes Rodea comes thru front door of Mean Girl Man0r, laughing on the phone to her friend about how last night she ordered one of the house slaves to “bow down” to her after she demanded its credit card just so she could use it to pay for her date with her boyfriend. She walks into the kitchen n LAUGHS that he is still there! She kicks it in the head n tosses its credit card in its face, saying that her n her BF “had a good time on their date using his CC last night”!

She mockingly complains about how she was walking around all night last night in her Louboutin heels the slave bought her- and she demands her bitch lick them clean. She explains it is his “reward” 4 remaining bowed down, with his face pressed 2 her worn sandals all night long n paying 4 her date last night. Her BF gets to have dinner n sleep with her- and the loser that pays 4 it all only gets to lick the dirt off the soles of her SHOES. And the loser BETTER be happy about it!

She watches in great joy as her slave struggles 2 lick every piece of filth stuck on the bottom of her heels. She explains how LUCKY he is that he is even allowed to lick the dirt off the soles of the shoes of a girl as hot as her! And how her BF isn’t even sure if it should be allowed. Dommes Rodea painfully explains 2 the slave how she loves this arrangement- that she can go on luxurious dates with her poor, young, (but hot) boyfriend that she REALLY LOVES – and just USE a loser like him 2 pay 4 it all!

Dommes Rodea laughs at him 4 being this pathetic 4 her. She laughs about how she brags to all her GFs about how she uses him- and thy can’t believe the loser puts up with it. She kicks him in the face whenever he “misses a spot” on her expensive shoes- but all he does is say “i love You, Dommes” in return. Pathetic. He’s like a mind-numb zombee 4 Dommes Rodea’s beauty.

Eventually, Dommes takes off her shoes and allows the slave the ULTIMATE privilege- 2 worship Her PERFECT feet!

Keywords: Femdom, Footworship, Shoeslicking

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