Stroke Til Broke

Stroke Til Broke

I LOVE having a boyfriend that I LOVE so much N owning slaves n cuckolds that I can simply use 2 provide the life that me n my boyfriend DESERVE to live! I`m SO glad I discovered Femdom!! :) It is like the BEST. But sometimes even the best slaves need some “added motivation”, no matter how addicted n pathetic they are.

And when I tell this fool that it is my boyfriends birthday n that I`m going 2 be using IT 2 pay for the entire weekend getaway that I`m treating him to, it is like totally mortified. LOL. (It is a cuck but only cuz I force it 2 be. It hates paying for stuff 4 my BF haha. But it knows I will get RID of it if it doesn’t!) And it REALLY freaks when I tell it that my man wants to go to LAS VEGAS! Haha! It starts to beg n plead that the trip will be too expensive and that all the pricey stuff to do in Vegas will make it too easy 4 Me n my BF to rack up HUGE bills for him to pay. Awww…. I feel SOOO bad… NOT! LOL that’s what slaves are FOR!

So I just learned about this new technique the other Mean Girls use to motivate pay-slaves called “Jerking”. It is when u attach a chain 2 the slave’s right hand, make him “jerk”off, then “jerk” his hand away right when he is JUUUST about to cum! Haha! It is SO funny to watch how DESPERATE they are at that point 2 continue jerking to your hotness! They will literally agree to ANYTHING u say!

So I attach the chain 2 the slave’s wrist n command him 2 strip n start jerking while gazing up at MY incredible beauty…he is like SO obsessed with me its totally pathetic. Then I start telling him about all the things me and my boyfriend are going to use him for in Vegas- he will be driving us out there, paying for all our meals, our hotel room (and I want to treat my BF to a PENTHOUSE SUITE in the nicest casino!) n ANY show we want to go to- n I want us to sit in the FRONT row!! I even want to do a big night out on his actual Bad day at the trendiest club with bottle service for my man N all his friends, “popping” bottles of Crystal!

And I literally laugh in this asshole’s FACE about how he doesn’t get to enjoy ANY of it! His ass will be out in the car – where he BELONGS – “on call” 24/7 via text for ANYTHING me n my BF might need- especially his credit card! He will be our personal concierge, chauffeur, room service, and human ATM all in one! Haha! And when he DARES to start to complain- I just JERK his chain and pull his hand away from his “thing”! And he like totally agrees to ANYTHING then!

And when I get 2 the GAMBLING part- he REALLY starts to freak! Cuz I decided I want my man to have as MUCH money to gamble with as he wants so he can have UNLIMITED FUN on his birthday! But the only thing about gambling that sucks (and my BF hates) is losing your own money. So I`m going 2 let my boyfriend gamble with my CUCK’S money!! :) It’s perfect! If my boyfriend n I win, we`re KEEPING the winnings! N if we lose…oh well, its the cuck’s money so who the fuck cares? LOL! Its a win-win! And we can make the craziest bets we want! Can you believe the cuck objected to that? Even after I said I would let the loser fetch our drinks for us while we gamble with his money?? I mean, I offered to let him actually be AROUND us for a little bit! So I JERK HIS CHAIN- and guess what? He QUICKLY agrees to it so he can get back to stroking to MY beauty! Haha! SOOO PATHETIC…

And just when he thinks I`m FINALLY going to actually grant him permission to create a “worship puddle” on the floor 4 me…I have a SPECIAL surprise for him that will DEFINITELY keep him in-check and on his BEST behavior for me an my man all weekend long! LOL….download the clip to find out what it is! ;)

-Goddess Rodea

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