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Garry on Mandy Marx - CEI Punishment Clinic - Young Mistress
04 Jun, 2020

Hi Emilek. Fixed now....
emilek on Mandy Marx - CEI Punishment Clinic - Young Mistress
04 Jun, 2020

Hey Garry, can you reupload it? Bec...

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Stupid Slave Humiliation

human footstool

“I was visiting My Lady-friend Mistress Roberta the other day, using a slave of Mine to carry the bag and be useful in any way he can. While I was busy talking to Mistress Roberta, he had to be our table and hold our drinks on his back. But of course, no matter how many times We tell him not to move, he moves constantly and eventually drops one of the glasses, pouring the drink right on his head and making a mess on the floor. A mess that we couldn’t just have him clean. We made him, with the help of several slaps on his face and head, lie down in it, like a pig in the mud. We made him roll over in it, helping him get as messy as possible by spitting on him. All this accompanied by heavy verbal humiliation, of course, such a stupid slave should know what we think about him and how disgraceful and idiotic he looks. Just for fun, We made him swim in the puddle he made, while We were laughing at him, really enjoying to see him so humiliated. What an imbecile…”

Mistress Ezada

287 mb
13 min



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