SubbyHubby – Dava’s Cuckold MiniMovie

SubbyHubby - Dava's Cuckold MiniMovie

Dommes Dava Foxx has a new sissy slut who serves her. Today, slut boy Toby is cleaning the bedroom while cross-dressing and wearing high heel shoes. Dommes Dava comes in and sees he has forgotten one thing. She applies bright pink lipstick to his mouth and then instructs him to get down on his knees and worship her perfectly manicured feet. He licks and sucks on Goddess’s toes. Dommes Dava gets rough with him by shoving her foot in his mouth and sitting on him making sure he does his job properly. She tells him that this is the start of his new life in servitude. After Dommes Dava Foxx’s sissy slut Toby finishes worshiping his Goddess’s feet he has a chindo strapped to his face and he better get to work fucking her to orgasm. Toby freeze’s still, intimidated by such a dominating Goddess. Dommes Dava Foxx grabs his head and starts to grind on the chindo yelling fuck me harder bitch boy. He tries his best to please his Goddess, but fails like the miseralbe sissy slut he is. Goddess Dava instructs him to fetch her red vibrator so she can show him how to properly please a woman. Domina Dava Foxx shows her sissy slut Toby, his chastity key and reminds him why he is locked up. Toby’s tiny cock is useless! She shows him the finer points on how to please a real woman and tells him that this is what has replaced him, A red shiny 8″ inch vibrator. She holds it on her wet pink pussy then turns it up and starts to moan louder as poor Toby’s little dicklette strains inside it’s tiny cock cage. Dommes Dava Foxx starts to have multiple orgasms, as Toby drips pre-cum all inside of his chastity device. After she has cum many times, she shoves her red dildo in his slutty little mouth, just to give him have a little teasing taste of a pussy he`ll never deserve to have. Goddess Alexis Fawx has brought home a date and introduces him to Toby, the cuckold sissy slut. She shows Toby the chastity key hanging around her neck and reminds him of his place, then instructs him to get her date hard so she can be fucked by a real man. Toby is made to jerk of Alexis’s date while she rubs her pussy and tells him to lick her date’s balls and to stroke his cock faster. Alexis loves the power she has over men. Finally her date is pounding her pussy hard giving her multiple orgasms as she makes her sissy slut watch and lick her feet. She starts smacking him in the face as she cums one final time, then instructs him to clean up all of her date’s filth from her pussy. Toby slurps it up like a good cucky happy to be included in Goddess Alexis’s sex life. Domina Dava Foxx loves humiliating her cuckboy Toby. She makes him lay down with her new boyfriend standing over him as she strokes his big hard cock n compares it to Toby’s small dicklette. Dommes Dava Foxx tells Toby he needs to beg for the cum as she keeps stroking her new dude’s dick right over Toby’s pathetic face. Finally the boyfriend dumps a huge thick white gooey load all over Cuckold boy Toby. Dava puts Toby on his knees in front of her new man and makes him say thank u for the load of filth. Dominatrix Dava Foxx’s sissy bitch Toby is cleaning the room when she strolls in wearing a 12″ inch pink Strap-On cock. She orders him to drop to his knees, takes out some dark red lipstick and tells the little bitch boy to pucker up. Domina Dava puts the lipstick on his slutty little mouth. Then Dommes Dava writes Cum Whore on his chest and then tells him to suck her cock, better yet gag on it. Toby swallows the whole dick and then begs her to fuck his cuck pussy. Dava loves the control she has over men and grabs the cucky boys nylons and rips a hole right in the back, so she can shove her hard cock up his slut hole. She fucks him hard and flips him over for more, Tobey bites down on a pillow as his goddess Fucks his cuckold slut hole even harder.

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