The Mean Girls – Oral Training The Fruit – Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel (SD)

The Mean Girls - Oral Training The Fruit - Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel (SD)

Hey faggot, get in here! We`ve know something that will really benefit you. We`re going to teach you how to orally pleasure both men n women. We may want to pimp you out to men for blow jobs or have you blow our boyfriends when we don’t feel like doing it. And if by some miracle a women ever allows u near her pussy you`ll need to know what you`re doing. The slave is kneeling before Princess Ashley n Princess Chanel who look amazing in their bikinis. Princess Ashley grabs a large banana n begins using it to teach the slave how to properly suck cock. She gives the slave cocksucking tips like make sure you don’t use any teeth and be sure to moan a lot. Princess Chanel wonders why the slave is so good at it he must have had a lot of practice. The slave is forced to admit that he loves sucking cock!

Princess Ashley grabs a plum that has a section split open in the center so it resembles a pussy. This is how the slave will practice his pussy licking. Princess Chanel watches with a disgusted look on her face as the slave clumsily licks the plum. It’s so obvious to both Princesses that the slave has probably never even seen a pussy before because he has no clue what he is doing. Princess Chanel mentions that the slave was moaning a lot more when he was practicing his cocksucking then he is when practicing his pussy licking. This just proves that he really is a faggot.

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Mouthful of Cock

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Mouthful of Cock

My slave has been resistant to doing the one thing I’ve asked of him – to suck cock for me. I won’t tolerate such lack of obedience n remind him that his job is 2 please me in all ways. I have another slave restrained and hard, so I order my soon-to-be-cocksucker between his legs n force his head down onto the waiting cock. I make him lick and suck as if his life depends on it, licking the balls n shaft, then splitting his mouth open with the thick dick. I humiliate him throughout as I urge him on. At the end I decide that I will make his 1st taste of another man’s cum far more humiliating. I tell him to lie down beneath the cock and open his mouth wide to prepare for a faceful of jizz. (To be continued…)

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