Goddess Alexandra Snow – Ready For Real Cock [Handjob, Forced Orgasm, Forced Bi, Femdom POV]

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Ready For Real Cock [Handjob, Forced Orgasm]

I know you have been having such a hard time transitioning from dildos and strap ons to real cock. But today you’re going to make that transition. My lover is here to help me help you. You see, you’re going to be sucking his cock. A dominant woman such as myself doesn’t like to suck cock, so you’re going to do it for me. You’re going to service my lover like the little cock sucking bitch you are. Oh? Still having trouble? Well luckily for you, we’re just going to start with having him jizz all over your face into your waiting mouth. After I’m done jerking him off, you’re going to suck down all of his sticky white cum.

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Amber Makes U Show Your Pathetic Package to Amy


The only reason I invited you to over to the pool is so my girlfriend domina Amy could see just how hilarious you are between your legs. I told her that you’re like a chick in bikini bottoms. So come over here, you little chicken, and show Amy what you’ve got. Now. Or I will pull your small swim panties down myself…

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