ScissorVixens – SVDL 1261 – The Scissor Squad – Part 2. The Date! (1080 HD) – Sheena – Hot Femdom

ScissorVixens - SVDL 1261 - The Scissor Squad - Part 2. The Date! (1080 HD) - Sheena - Hot Femdom

What better way to pick up where we left off in our ‘Scissor Squad’ series than featuring one of the hottest new session girls on the scene today…welcome Hungarian BEAUTY Sheena to the ScissorVixens lineup!

Anyone who has followed Sheena since first appearing on the scene about a year ago knows that this blonde fitness girl is much more than a pretty face and LETHAL BODY…Sheena has world-class judo (black belt), jiu-jitsu and grappling skills from nearly two decades of training from the time she was a very young!

And we were privileged to watch Sheena in REAL competitive action at the 2019 Las Vegas NAGA grappling event just a few days after our shoot with her!

Watching her toss opponents around on the mat like rag dolls made us thankful that we didn’t piss her off during our shoot!

But one thing that would no doubt piss her off is a douchebag who enjoys dating women, bringing them back to his place, beating them up and then stealing all of their money!

Once Sheena understood the scenario, she had no problem getting into ass-kicking character as another elite member of the all-female vigilante team…The Scissor Squad!

While bragging to his buddy on the phone about his latest date and how much money he took from her after beating her up, he gets an unexpected knock on the door.

He’s greeted by a striking blonde beauty wearing all black, including black high heels, introducing herself as…”Hi, I’m your next date!”.

He appears confused telling her…”I didn’t arrange another date and why are you locking the door?”. Fetish femdom org

Little does this fool know that he’s about to suffer the consequences of his ‘dirty deeds’ by spending some BRUTAL time clamped between Sheena’s insanely POWERFUL THIGHS!

She arm-drags him and spins behind his back whipping his body to the floor and after wrapping her thighs around his neck she asks…”You feel my strong legs!?”.

Of course by this time he’s in shock and unable to barely speak as she tells him…”I’m going to break your fucking neck!”.

Then she mockingly ask him…”I guess this is your best date you’ve ever had!?”.

He manages to ask her…”Who are you!?” but Sheena keeps pouring on the pressure answering back…”I don’t have to answer you, better I show you!”.

And show him she does in a non-stop vicious onslaught of eye-popping reverse head scissors, rib-crushing body scissors, brutal front head scissors and suffocating hand-over-mouth action!

In the end, Sheena drags him over to couch and pulls his head off the edge telling him…”Here’s the time to die!”.

He pleads…”NO! Please NO!”, but Sheena ignores his cries for mercy and with a few quick snaps of her MIGHTY thighs, breaks his neck as his lifeless body slithers to the floor!

Sheena stands over him admiring a job well done before grabbing the purse of his previous victim from his table and walks out on her way to her next assignment!

So for Sheena fans…see her like you’ve never seen her before in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘The Scissor Squad – Part 2 ‘The Date!’.

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Reality Girls Scissors – Introducing Scarlet Vice! (1080 HD) – Smothering

Reality Girls Scissors - Introducing Scarlet Vice! (1080 HD) - Smothering

A pure and instant addiction wrestles here for the first time — smoking hot 18-year-old Scarlet Vice, who played soccer for seven years and here gets proficient at applying submission holds at a lighting pace. The stunning young girl has him deep in a rear naked choke early, flashing a pearl-white smile as her arms flex around his neck. She pours the power on her straight headscissors as Thin Man suffers. A brutal figure four headscissors. her body looks poured into a wet suit as the blonde is all in black kicking his ass. She loves it and her rear naked choke is devastating. She stands above him fallen, sick from the pressure. She bends his arm back and cruelly plants a knee on the back of his head, fetish femdom org driving her weight down on his neck. She tells him “I could do this all day” as she flits her long hair. More abuse with her perfect rear naked — over and over as he struggles. She looks beautiful standing above him, superior in all ways – -her youth, beauty and power winning the room with ease. She pours on more headscissors — buries his head in the mat and pushes down at once hurting and humiliating him. She owns the room. She’s so cocky she tells the camera guy to check the door as someone knocks — still headscissoring him. her body filling out the suit in eye-popping fashion, the young blonde hottie finishes him in her arms, making him go half-out — jumping and twitching as she laughs at her skill in turning the hold into a rear naked/bodyscissors combo and him suffering beneath her.

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Mistress Synful Pleasure – Synful G-String Smother (1080 HD) – Scissor

Mistress Synful Pleasure - Synful G-String Smother (1080 HD) - Scissor

After having pleasured herself with a hitachi, Mistress Synful’s pink G-string is wet and she wants to sit down and relax. She uses her slave in the bedroom to have a relaxing seat. She couldn’t help but tease him, and laugh at his weakness while sitting on his face. Just for her own enjoyment she decides to place him in a scissorhold, to stretch out her long legs before proceeding to use his face as her cushion.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Ass Fetish, Smothering, Smother, Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissored, Scissoring, Facesitting, Mistress Synful Pleasure, Synful, Mistress, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting

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EvolvedFights – Arielle Aquinas vs Rick Fantana – Mixed Wrestling

EvolvedFights - Arielle Aquinas vs Rick Fantana - Mixed Wrestling

Rick Fantana has been training after his devastating loss to the muscular powerful babe Brandi Mae. Rick is confident that Brandi’s muscles won the last match and with little Arielle Aquinas being his new opponent, he’s confident he is going to get an easy win today. Arielle is an avid watcher of WWE wrestling. Fetish femdom org She thinks she will be able to smack talk her way to a victory today. She’s in for a rude awakening when she steps into a competitive match on evolve fights. Rick easily has his way with Arielle however he keeps putting his head into her pussy to eat it and Arielle is quick to snap on her lethal head scissors. The Winner gets a total victory and fucks the loser hard and claims their prize they way they want to.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissored, Scissoring, Creampie, EvolvedFights, Arielle Aquinas, Mixed Wrestling, Wrestling, Femdom Sex, Fucking

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14k0s Andi Page Full Power Chokes 10 Seconds – Part 2 – Scissor

14k0s Andi Page Full Power Chokes 10 Seconds - Part 2 - Scissor

It’s a compilation of Andi Page knocking me out 14 times by way of squeezing every hold at 100% power for 10 seconds; I did not stay awake through a single one!

First she puts me out back to back with 2 sleeperholds. Then she puts me out in 3 face to face headscissors. Then she puts me out 4 times using the standing headscissor while my head is over the bedside. Then she puts me out 5 more times; first the rear naked choke RNC, then a straight scissor, then a figure 4, then a side scissor, all one after another, finishing off with another figure 4 after Andi puts on these incredibly sexy knee-high spandex heels!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissor, Scissored, Scissoring, Scissorhold, Andi Page, Smothering, Smother

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BallBustingChicks – Grabbed Nuts! – Mixed Wrestling

BallBustingChicks - Grabbed Nuts! - Mixed Wrestling

A male weakling get overpowered by a female bodybuilder in a mixed wrestling match. Her strong legs and arms are just too much for him, even more when she use his weak spot to subdue him. Like squeezing and twisting his nuts in the most painful way… She attacks also his head with her dangerous high heel sport shoes and muscular thighs.

She make a complete fool out of him when she grab his balls, pull them up to let him walk on all fours, like a pet without a will… He stands no chance of defense as she holds his nuts in a firm grip, he just has to follow her orders!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, BallBustingChicks, Ball Abuse, Ballbusting, Mixed Wrestling, Wrestling, Balls Busting, Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissored, Scissoring,, Muscle Domination, Muscular Woman, CBT, Ballkicking, Ball Kicking

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Olivia Rose and Rapture – A Scissor And A Stroke – Double Domination

Olivia Rose and Rapture - A Scissor And A Stroke - Double Domination

Rapture and Olivia Rose decide that they’re going to have a bit of fun with Jason, their scissor toy. Rapture starts by squeezing Jason’s stomach. He is not sure what to think. Two powerful women, about to scissor the life out of him; scissor him all over. Olivia then wraps her thighs around his neck as Rapture gets him naked. She then scissors his cock with her cut thighs while Olivia continues to scissor his neck. Rapture then starts stroking him with her hand while flexing her arm. She works her biceps while jerking him off, spitting on his cock every so often. She then strokes Jason with her bicep until he explodes all over Rapture’s biceps all while Olivia Squeezes hard on his neck with her thighs.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Rapture, Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissorred, Scissoring, Olivia Rose, Handjob, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Redhead, Blonde, Blond Hair, Sper, Milking, Cumshot, Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm

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Reality Girls Scissors – Andi’s Extreme Japanese Knockout (1080 HD) – Scissor

Reality Girls Scissors - Andi's Extreme Japanese Knockout (1080 HD) - Scissor

Andi Page, the girl with the legs of stone, tells Charles she should be praying to her if he’s praying approaching her then the vicious black-haired beauty puts him to sleep in the calf-choke figure-four used often in Japan that is becoming a terrible tool for the scissors superstar. Here she shows the hold to a curious Riot who remarks at his face as Charles goes to bed in the hold — muscles busting out of Andi’s tight black jeans. Skullbusting headscissors. Riot covers his mouth with her foot as Charles sleeps again. Andi’s answer is to heel him in the stomach until she feels him flexing then lean back and make him scream in the headscissors again. She facesits him as he screams into what Riot points out is one of the best asses anywhere, raining kciks into his gut. She laughs as he gasps in her throatscissors — what fellow superstar Mikaela calls her “anaconda” Back into the figure-four calf scissors. No one has any chance in them her enormous calves and her skill. Riot praises how good she is at the hold then gives him a break awake by pressing her sole of her Size 10 over his face and mouth. He’s beaten – -face down on the mat as she whips him with what Riot calls here “the Charles towel” as Andi snaps his bald spot so hard with the towel he begs her to stop. Andi asks him if she’s a bully. He screams in side headscissors before snaking her huge calf back under his chin.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Andi Page, Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissored, Scissoring

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Lesley Fox – Karate Master Lesley Punishes Her Bold Student – Scissor

Lesley Fox - Karate Master Lesley Punishes Her Bold Student - Scissor

I am also sending you the short story and the 3 most important things. I am sending you also 4 pictures on the bottom to show what is important for me

1. Can you please wear a judo jacket (only jacket no pants) and brown pantyhose like last time (same like on the pictures)

2. only high kicks to the face, scissors, acrobatic leg splits and footsmother

3. someone behind the camera (in some clips of you there is a camera which does not move. i don’t like when the camera stands still)

You are a karate master in your gym waiting for your student. He is delayed and you take a sleep on the couch. You wake up and see your student looking at your legs and feet. So you decide to teach him a lesson.
You pull him next to you on the couch and scissor him long and hard. Than you push him on the floor on his knees and footsmother him while you still sit on the couch

Than you start to make high kicks to his face and press his face with your feet against the wall (like on picture)

Can you please make this time a bit less kicking and more scissor and footsmother and acrobatic leg split like on picture

After 20 minutes he gives up and begs you to stop. But you just began. Now you take of the judo jacket and under the jacket you wear a bikini like on the picture (can be any color of bikini)

The last 20 minutes will be only scissor, footsmother and leg split like on the picture. But can you also make the leg split this time over his body and neck

He is tapping out the whole time and beg you to stop, but you only laugh at him and continue to scissor and footsmother him. When doing scissors and footsmother can you please make it when you are on the floor like on this pictures. I like it much more than when you are standing. Can you please make this time more of these leg split positions. Over his body, his neck and his face.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Lesley Fox, Karate, Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissored, Scissoring, Flexibility, Foot Smothering, Smother, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting

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ScissorVixens – SVDL 1259 – Maria Jade’s Scissor Screening! – Scissor

ScissorVixens - SVDL 1259 - Maria Jade's Scissor Screening! - Scissor

Needless to say we get a lot of e-mail from guys wanting to be victims for ScissorVixens!

One look at the girls on our site and who can blame a man for wanting to voluntarily stick his neck between the powerful thighs of one of these athletic beauties!?

BUT…we also know that the vast majority of these guys, unless they’ve experienced scissors through sessions or video work, have NO IDEA what they are getting into!

However, our latest victim, who we met a few months ago, seemed to have the kind of background and experience in the world of femdom to give him a shot.

And who better to help us with the ‘Scissor Screening’ process than that 5’2″ tall ball of sassy energy, gifted with a ridiculously powerful squeeze…Maria Jade!?

The challenge is ‘simple’…last 20 minutes between Maria Jade’s thighs and you’re in. If not…you’re out!

We open up the video asking our victim about his experience with femdom which includes getting kicked in the balls, whipped, slapped, punched and spat upon by cruel-hearted women.

So if he can take that kind of abuse…certainly little Maria Jade shouldn’t be able to BREAK HIM…right?


While he’s verbally listing all the abuse he’s been through shooting for a major femdom site, Maria just sits there quietly taking it in with a smirk on her face knowing the torturous abuse he’s about to find himself in with her!

Once he’s finished talking, Maria flexes her hard-as-rock chiseled calf muscle and says…”I don’t think he can handle it…do you know who I am!? Look at my calves!”.

And with that Maria Jade’s Scissor Screening session begins!

But instead of opening up with a scissors hold, Maria decides to loosen his neck up with a vicious rear naked choke that has him wondering…”My God…what have I gotten myself into!?”.

He doesn’t last long and is forced to tap-out?than its SCISSOR TIME!

Maria is a scissoring machine and each scissor hold is applied expertly pulling him in as high and tight as possible!

She starts out slowly in order to gauge his limits, pulsating her inner thighs around his neck in a front head scissors and it’s immediately apparent…this poor guy seems to be seeing stars already!

Then she asks him…”Have you ever been cranked before!?”.

No response.

“I said…have you ever been CRANKED BEFORE!?”, she repeats.

He then manages a mumbled response…”I don’t know what that means.”.

Then Maria violently snaps her legs out straight, arches her back and nearly pops his head off as he leaves out a yelp!

Then it’s onto more of Maria Jade’s leggy torture as she mounts his neck in a reverse head scissor while adding to his humiliation with push-ups before flipping him to his side while maintaining her grip!

One of the things we’ve noticed about Maria is how she loves to ‘re-grip’ her thighs around her victim’s neck to be certain it’s as tight as possible before pouring on the eye-bulging pressure and she does this several times throughout this video!

And there are several times, after releasing him from her thighs, that Maria isn’t sure if he’s ‘all there’ and slaps him in the face to wake him up from his scissor slumber.

After about 15 minutes of Maria Jade’s scissor screening, she pulls his head off of the edge of the bed in a standing front scissors and finishing him with a standing reverse from which he can take no more!

She calls him a little ‘sissy bitch’ for not lasting the full 20-minutes but isn’t about to stop scissoring…her thighs are ready for more and now it’s Drew’s turn to finish the final 5 minutes!

In the end our newbie wanna-be ScissorVixen victim complains of a sore neck and a headache to which Drew recommends a bottle of vodka and even offers the newbie a 2nd chance if he wants it.

But if that 2nd chance is with Maria Jade…we doubt he’ll take Drew up on his offer!

Maria Jade, once again as sexy and sadistic as ever, fucking up the boys between her powerful gymnast and dancer thighs in ‘Maria Jade’s Scissor Screening!’.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ScissorVixens, Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissored, Scissoring

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