That’s Going To Leave A Scar!

Thats Going To Leave A Scar! (Most Extreme Spiked Boots Ever Used Ruptures Cock Head And Leaves You in Need Of Stitches)

If it wasn’t for goddess Amadahy being such a well-prepared sadist so as to stitch the slave back up, it would have been a late night trip to the Emergency room. Goddess Amadahy, Lindsey, and Alexa star in one of the most extreme injury causing clip in internet history. A pair of the sharpest spikes ever seen on any boot are used by Goddess Amadahy to slice u open from the inside. “I wan’t you to turn yourself inside out for me Slave!” exclaims Goddess Amadahy as she witnesses your cock opening up n takes deadly aim. You have your cock n testicles completely exposed on a board and at her complete mercy. Just wait until you see all the promotional content added to it. (twitter clip contains everything) This is without a doubt, this is a legendary clip in the field of Extreme Brutality Ballbusting. This is also a ridiculously low price considering how long it actually is and how valuable.

Keywords: Female Domination, Ballbusting, Brutal, Free, Femdom, Goddess Amadahy, Amadahy, CBT, Trampling, Ball Abuse, Ball Kicking, Extreme Domination

269 mb
7 min

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