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The Kingdom - Chains Diapers KG The Clink - Lady Ashley - Female Domination

The Kingdom - Chains Diapers KG The Clink - Lady Ashley - Female Domination

Chain, chain, chain…chains of love. The love of shiny green and black latex made this chained rubber shithole cum without permission. LADY ASHLEY won’t let that go unpunished. Especially not when it’s madly aroused mr. randy again! THE LATEX LADY takes him out of his cramped cell and makes him rattle about on all fours. When SHE’S tired of hearing him clank, SHE binds him with rope instead. Where there’s rope there’s hope, but not for this piece of sheep . The minute SHE turns HER back, his hands go to his cock. If this piss rubber whore cums again, LADY ASHLEY will see that it goes right down his toilety trap. Bit by bit, SHE robs him of his identity. From now on, his name will be piss pig. If SHE likes, SHE can keep him chained in his cell for weeks, months, the rest of his life…until he pisses and himself into better behaviour. Since that ain’t gonna happen soon, SHE’LL just lock HER fuckpig in an undersized cock cage to keep him out of comfort. As his locko-cock turns ruby red, LADY ASHLEY leaves him to stew in his horny thoughts and smelly juices. By the time SHE gets back, he’ll be really thirsty. SHE can quench that. The pathetic piss pig keeps making the same mistakes. After he dons a pair of rubber diapers, LADY ASHLEY chains him to HER stylish black toilet seat. The perverse toilet swine gapes wide as SHE bestows a beautiful bellyful of yellow rain. SHE lets him lie there freshly scented while SHE brews a of coffee. Toilets never go anywhere, and SHE’LL be back when SHE needs him…A couple of hours later, HER next golden torrent gets him ready for his cock-sucking lesson. SHE makes it easy with a size 10 strap-on, but SHE still has to teach the piss pig how to deep throat. ‘Cough, choke, pant.’ LADY ASHLEY roughens up HER rubber whore to get him drooling for the main event. Then SHE shows him how he can earn HER 400 Euros a night. It’s such a deep, dark pleasure watching HER fuck him mercilessly with his helpless hands chained to his throat. LADY ASHLEY’S lessons are truly electrifying. Once he’s tucked back into his piss diapers, the CHEERFUL INSTRUCTRESS leads him gagged and hobbling like an old man back to his piss cell. To ensure he has a good time, SHE turns up his ass juice and decides to leave him there frying for 2 weeks. Chains of love!

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