The Mean Girls – Ballbusting: Bella Vs. Aria – Princess Aria and Princess Bella

The Mean Girls - Ballbusting: Bella Vs. Aria - Princess Aria and Princess Bella

Princess Bella n Princess Aria play the favorite game around MMG a ballbusting competition! Princess Aria is new and has a lot to prove so she really wants to win. She needs to make an impression on not only the slaves but to the other mean girls as well so they don’t treat her like some newbie. They take turns kicking the slave and they both say they really want to win but Princess Aria is the star performer in this competition. I guess she just had more to prove so her kicks are really hard. The slave tries to cope with the force of the kicks by jumping backwards and gets kicked in the dick a couple of times by mistake. It looks super painful and I am surprised his dick wasn’t torn open by Princess Aria’s boot. To put a stop to his moving backwards Princess Bella stands behind the slave and plants her boot in the small of the slaves back forcing his hips forward. With no way to minimize the impact the next series of kicks from Princess Aria are so devastating and the smacking sound so loud I kept thinking the slaves balls might literally explode at any moment.

This is a really hard core ballbusting clip with super hard kicks that`ll make u wince. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some permanent damage was done. I have seen other videos where the slave might have been kicked as hard but the slave has like balls or something because they don’t really react. What makes this one different and more interesting is that the slave in this video is in obvious pain and is crying real tears! You can tell the pain n tears are 100% real and the slave is so desperate for it to stop that you did have to be pretty heartless to keep kicking him but that’s exactly what the mean girl’s do. Princess Aria is determined to prove herself n nothing is going to stand in her way! So you can guess how many fucks she gives about the slave’s balls? That’s right zero fucks given! Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “10.”

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