The Mean Girls – Ballbusting Contest Duchess Danni Vs. Queen Quenzi (1080 HD)

The Mean Girls - Ballbusting Contest Duchess Danni Vs. Queen Quenzi (1080 HD)

Duchess Dani n Queen Quenzi are having a ballbusting contest. This is quickly becoming the favorite sport at the AMG. They`re going to keep doing this until every mean girl goes up against all the other mean girls to determine who the best ballbuster is. Plus they just love kicking guys in the nuts so they just literally do this every week now. Duchess Dani and Queen Quenzi are both hard ball kickers with no fear of destroying the slave’s nuts. In fact they kick the slave’s balls so hard that the biggest problem with the contest is the slave wants to quit only halfway through. The slave says he can’t take anymore so they make him grovel at their feet and beg for mercy. They tell the slave his begging better be convincing otherwise they`ll start up again. When the slave says “please I can’t take anymore” Duchess Dani hears “please kick my balls some more.” She commands the slave to get up and the ballbusting contest resumes until there is a winner. But you will have to watch the clip until the end to find out who won. This is another great Mean Girls ballbusting video.

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