The Mean Girls – Beaten and Kicked – Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela

The Mean Girls - Beaten and Kicked - Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela

The Mean Girls are having a pool party, so of course they`ve slaves at their beck and call ready to be abused by them simply for their entertainment. Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, and Princess Carmela, are all at the pool party and look amazing in their bikinis. Party music is playing n all the Princesses are dancing around and having a great time. They grab one of the slaves and just start beating and kicking him purely for their own fun and entertainment.

They drag the slave to the middle of the backyard and force him to stand with his legs spread far apart so they can have “easy access” to his balls. Then all the girls take turns kicking him the balls, as they continue to dance around in their bikinis cheering each other on! They have even more fun abusing the slave because every time he goes down from a kick to his balls he THEN gets WHIPPED until he stands back up!!! When he stands back up he is kicked in the balls again! Beaten then kicked, kicked then beaten, it’s a never ending circle of pain! SOOoo much fun!! A solid HARD kick to the balls when standing, and then whipped to shreds when on the ground so the slave gets NO rest! Absolutely ENDLESS torture for the slave! Exactly as it should be!!

Its so much fun that we get start to get running starts on a lot of these kicks and then jump up and down and then we ALL cheer as the slave collapses to the ground. Princess Lilly (off camera) even comments on how loud the “slapping” sound of foot-to-balls is after some of the kicks, saying “god I love that sound of a Princess’s bare foot kicking a loser slave’s balls so much!”

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