The Mean Girls – Casting Out My Slave (1080 HD) – Bella, Beverly

The Mean Girls - Casting Out My Slave (1080 HD) - Bella, Beverly

“Start in kitchen. You slipped and fell in high heels because a slave was mopping the floor and left it slippery. This is just days after getting your last cast off. You left your phone on the kitchen table. You struggle to reach it. Finally, you get it n phone Bella. She is on the way to MMG for the shoot anyway n you have a conversation telling here you broke your leg again because of the same asshole slave. You get off the phone, she walks in and helps you to your feet. You limp away to the hospital with Bella’s help U are in your cast now walking into the living room. You stand on crutches, sit on the couch, and put your leg on pillows to keep it elevated. You move it slowly n carefully because you`re in a lot of pain. Bella is there as a friend to help you. You talk about your cast n have her sign it. It was a same doctor as last time. He was cute and asked you for a date. She says she will help u because the slaves are stupid, useless and unreliable for any kind of real help. They then have a conversation about all the ways that slave will be punished for injuring your leg one again. Bella will issue out the corporal punishment till you have healed up. Then you will take it out on your slave. He is not allowed to see you n has to pay all you medical bills, lost wages, and food n expenses during your recuperation. He also has to run all your errands and chores but is not allowed any direct contact with you. He has to go through Bella to give you anything.”

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1025 mb
14 min

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