The Mean Girls – Dancing Your Balls Off

The Mean Girls - Dancing Your Balls Off

This faggot slave thinks that his Mistress sent him to dance class to be a better slave at social functions, fetish parties n bondage balls. But little does he know – his Mistress has totally set him up. (She had caught him jerking off to a picture of another Dom!) So she gets one of the most sadistic Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – to settle the score by posing as his fake dance instructor. The only thing she is going to teach this loser is how to get kicked in the balls- HARD! She doesnt want to have him leave this dance class with any ability 2 jerk off ever again. Most likely he probably wont even be able to walk out of the class on his own two feet. Princess Carmela pounds his balls up into his stomach with devastating knee kicks to his nuts. Carmela then follows up with kicks his wounded balls repeatedly as she continues the lesson. Only afterwards does Carmela disclose that its a total set up and that his old Mistress is dumping him! And all she wants now is to see him get his nuts permanently removed from all the damage from this “lesson”…lesson learned!

Princess Carmela

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