The Mean Girls – Double Foot Duty (1080 HD) – Princess Beverly, Princess Bella

The Mean Girls - Double Foot Duty (1080 HD) - Princess Beverly, Princess Bella

The scheduled video slave flaked on a shoot and didn’t show up. Perhaps he was just too scared of what Princess Bella n Princess Beverly might do to him! Oh well they are convinced that somehow it must be the house slaves fault! The house slave complains it’s not his fault but Princess Bella is having none of it. She tells the house slave he should have promised to suck the others slave’s dick to make sure that he would show up. Since he screwed up now he will have to do double duty to make up for the missing slave. There`re 2 Princesses here and each was supposed to have her own foot slave so he must tend to their feet as if he were two people with no excuses or he`ll be severely punished.

Princess Bella commands the slave to beginning licking the bottom of her high heel shoes. While he is busy licking Princess Bella’s shoes Princess Beverly grabs a whip she was hiding behind her back n begins whipping the slave. The slave then switches to worshipping Princess Beverly’s shoes and as he does Princess Bella produces a whip and starts whipping the slave. Because the slave can’t be in two places at once he is always getting whipped.

Princess Bella n Princess Beverly look amazing in their tight little dresses and high heels. They make the slave lick the bottom of both their shoes and suck on the heels. Princess Beverly makes the slave suck on her heel like it’s a cock n tells him to try and make it cum! At one point he is made to lick both of their shoes at the same time n even suck on both of their heels at the same time. During all of this the slave is constantly being whipped!

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