THE MEAN GIRLS – Empress Jennifer, Goddess Suvana – Restrained For Destruction

THE MEAN GIRLS - Empress Jennifer, Goddess Suvana - Restrained For Destruction

This slave has had its ballbusting tolerance increased over its last few visits to MGM. (It had literally BEGGED Us to push its limits and make it into a good, useful ballbusting slave for Our videos LOL!)

So now we`ve a surprise for it. We`re going to SIGNIFICANTLY push it past its limits – whether it wants to or not! It`ll not have a CHOICE. We`re going to HANG it outside by its wrists and put a SPREADER BAR between its legs – then we`re going to KICK AWAY as hard as we want for as LONG as we want! When it reaches the point that it “cant take anymore” – TOO BAD. It`LL take more!! We explain to the slave coldly before we begin:

“We`re going to DESTROY your testicles for OUR profit and entertainment – and there is nothing you can do about it now.”

At one point this slave is just making too much noise so we decide to duct tape its mouth shut so its screams are muffled and cannot be heard by anyone. From that point on its balls are just wide open targets for us to assault – and you can tell the slave is in absolute agony. But we really don’t care LOL.

BTW, this is totally REAL. This slave was just like YOU – a fan who watched Our videos n desperately wanted its nuts “destroyed” by Us – but it actually had the BALLS to come crawling to Us in real life and offer its nuts to Us. Do U???)

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