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The Mean Girls - Goddess Draya - These Heels Are Made For Walking All Over Slaves (1080 HD) - Trampling

The Mean Girls - Goddess Draya - These Heels Are Made For Walking All Over Slaves (1080 HD) - Trampling

So for any of you who might wonder why a stupid, old, disobedient shiiitt of a slave would get deleted, here’s another little story about why We Take Out The TRASH when it needs to be put at the curb… Here’s what happened…

I had just walked into the Manor after a great morning shopping and partying on another loser’s dime, when I sent My bags up to My room with the door slave and saw this idiot in the foyer… so I decided to amuse Myself and dragged this thing over in front of the fireplace in the little Throne room and took to teasing it some as I trampled it because of how good I was feeling…. I let this little toad tell Me how beautiful and perfect I was so it could enjoy the act of Me stepping all over it’s worthless self, but what does it’s stupid old cracker ass go and do???? HE FUCKING TALKS ABOUT MY TITS AND ASS AS IF HE WAS A REAL MAN…. UMMMMM, HELL NO UNCLE OLD ASS FAGGOT TOM…. I was having absolutely none of that garbage from a lowly half in the grave rotting carcass of a slave…. lol…

I gave it a chance and it failed miserably, like it did in nearly every instance where it tried to C-clamp it’s way onto something where it didn’t fit… so I took even more joy and pleasure in stomping it’s old ass body over and over and over again… I dug My perfect clear plastic stilettos into it’s legs chest and sloppy chubby belly as I laughed at it and told it what trash it was and always will be… and then as I really dug in, I made this thing stick out it’s tongue so I could wipe the soles of My heels clean on it’s worthless mouth and face before I dug the spike back into it’s frumpy smooth fatness…… HAHAHAHA….

Watch one of the final appearances of slave “Old Stupid Cracker Ass” as I trample his mental midget ass into the ground beneath My perfect feet… Beat it, trample it, abuse it, degrade it, and then kick this stupid fucker to the curb… Buh-Bye bitch boi…. Cya again Never loser… Bwahahaha….

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

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